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Bespoke Design of Staff Uniforms, Corporate Clothing And Workwear

Uniforms By Design

Fashion At Work have been consistently delivering high quality bespoke designed staff uniforms, corporate clothing and workwear for over 32 years. Designing clothing fit for purpose for the leisure, casino, business, hospitality, catering and healthcare environs that truly enhance our clients brand identity. We believe that attractive and comfortable uniforms not only help to welcome guests, but they also help employees to feel like valued members of the team.

We focus specifically on offering cost competitive solutions to organisations with more specialised design requirements. We use a fashion conscious approach to produce clothing that staff are proud to wear whilst being easily recognizable from members of the public.

Concept and Research

Working closely with our Clients, their marketing teams or interior designers, uniforms are produced to meet their specific needs. Taking into consideration decor, furnishings, colours, branding, staff roles and purpose intended.


Our highly experienced team then create exclusive uniform designs either computer generated or on paper, offering a selection of styles for each uniform category, as well as fabric and colour options for each style. We are also able to design, create, weave, print and dye new fabrics incorporating specific colours or logos. Our attention to detail includes coordinating accessories including printed/woven ties & scarves along with options on shoes and belts. Logos are integrated into the design either by embroidery, printing or tax tabbing. When the design has been chosen we then move onto -


These are produced to confirm that the design is to specification and fulfils all requirements with the client. Garments are produced that are then used for -

Wearer Trials

The client is able to see how the uniforms will actually look in their own surroundings and involves the wearing of sample prototypes by a selection of staff from different departments and areas wearing the garments in their intended settings. This ensures that every element is fit for purpose. Any adjustments are made with further samples as necessary before samples are signed off for production.


Garments are either produced in house for smaller runs whilst larger production is facilitated offshore to enable better pricing. Our manufacturers all comply with our quality control standards and can demonstrate ethical and environmental trading standards. In house manufacturing enables quick turnaround for urgent orders and garments for staff who fall outside standard sizes.


Quality checked to high standards and man packed should it be required. These can include producing a Uniform Manual or literature informing staff how their uniform should be cared for and worn. Your dedicated account manager will respond to your enquiries and oversee the production, sales, despatch and customer service for your account. We will fix a date for the delivery of your uniform clothing and adhere to it.

Ongoing Contract Management

We provide a very comprehensive and personal service and that doesn’t stop when we deliver the uniforms. We are always available to help with any queries and to resolve any challenges that may arise with the implementation of a new uniform programme.

Online Ordering

We have created a portal on our site for clients to order specifically their garments. Through this portal they have full control to allocate which staff members can order by allocating password protected log in details. Products can be restricted so that different departments only see their specific products. Orders can only be placed with a Purchase Order Number, unless previously arranged, and all orders instantly generate 3 emails – one to the staff member that placed the order, one directly to ourselves and the third to the purchasing department. The portal keeps a record of all orders placed and by whom and can be accessed 24/7.

We would be delighted to talk to you about any requirements you may have – whether this is personalising garments through embroidery, printing or tax tabbing or a full rebrand of your corporate clothing.

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