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Childrens And Babies Patient Gowns

Childrens And Babies Patient Gowns
Designed to replace the open backed patient gown, the patented Dignity Giving Suit allows surgeons and medical teams to access only the part of the body required without exposing the rest of the patient. DGS can be used for XRays and MRI scans as the hook and loop does not show on imaging. Drips, drains, lines, feeding tubes and catheters can all be attached to the patient via openings in the Dignity Giving Suit, eliminating the need for the patient to be exposed, which not only helps the patient’s dignity and independence but assists in recuperation post operatively. The DGS have been used on hospital wards for over 3 years and clinicians and technical staff alike find the design of the Dignity Giving Suit conducive to their procedures and all commented on the practicality of preserving the patient’s dignity during examination and surgical procedures. Young patients are happy to put the DGS on and have commented that they were so comfortable in the Dignity Giving Suits that they did not want to take them off, and felt happier being able to move around the ward independently without feeling exposed.
The Dignity Giving Suit includes the front crossover closure method eliminating the open back issues suffered by wearers of traditional gowns.  The back neck design also allows the top to be fully reversible if access to the rear of the patient is required. Openings along the shoulders and down both sides afford dignified medical access. The trousers open down the sides of both legs along with extender fastenings across the waist.
Made from a hard wearing healthcare fabric which is both durable for laundry whilst being soft for patients to sleep in. This Dignity Giving Suit is suitable for commercial laundering and has passed infection control. We do have feedback reports from hospitals which we can forward should these be of assistance. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01246 570470.
This suit is graded for children sizes from age 2 up to 13 years (for teenager please see the adult version). Please note the garment shows the DGS logo to the chest area this area can be logo'd with your Hospital Logo. All children’s sizes do not attract VAT.
Patent ref:GB 2503963, Registered Design No: GB 4027692

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